Here's a few different styles of skating for you to try:

Roller Fitness: Mixing traditional work-out moves! From jumping to performing some scissor leg workout moves - this will make you feel the burn! Lots of people start of with this style like our blog writer Lolli Blogs - who has set her self #365 days skate challenge. Check out our free 'SkateTone work-out video below'.

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Skate Dance/ Jam/ Rhythm: Like normal dancing there's a whole bunch of different styles. From break-dancing on skates, to performing line-dance styled steps. What ever your flow, this style of skating truly unlocks your inner disco diva! We love to invite guest teachers into Play Tone and have had a real mix of talent from Lex Milczarek, Adi Suissa and Ishriah.

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Roller- Disco: After you learn some new footwork and jam with our Play Tone Team you can join the midweek roller disco at London's ultimate Roller Disco: Roller Nation located in Bruce Grove! Get into the groove with the full on mid-week roller disco experience. Celebrating past present and future sees the DJs let loose! With a fully stocked bar and classic diner. Unleash your inner child and get wild.

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Roller Derby: Is a contact sport played by two teams of five members roller skating counter-clockwise around a track. It is played world-wide and mostly played by all female power-house teams. Want to rock and roll? Try finding your local 'fresh meat' session and find your local squad.

Artistic: is a sport similar to figure skating but where competitors wear roller skates instead of ice skates. There a several disciplines from figures, freestyles and pairs to name a few. Fun-fact - our Play Tone Instructor Beth Lawrence is former European champion of roller skating, representing Great Britain coming up in 3rd and 1st! #GoTeam

Street: One of the best ways to explore a city. Some of our fav places to skate in include Hyde Park, Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam. Many skaters go on adventures like Play Tone Instructor Craig Jiggy - who celebrates life and people on wheels. #TeamJiggy

Ramp, Bowls, Vert: Not one for the faint hearted. Traditionally performed on inline skates, skaters drop in and perform rad tricks! It's not hard to find awesome people in the scene like Chicks in Bowls, Moxi Skate Crew and Planet Rollerskate.

Combinations like Roller Hoop: Why do one when you can combine two! Many people experiment with combining skills. Marawa's Majorettes often perform various circus hula hoop tricks whilst roller skating, you can see Play Tone founders Obie Pearl in action here and Tinuke's Orbit flying high performing aerial and dazzling skate moves.

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